Area rugs add appeal, accent, texture, pattern and color to a space. Decorators recommend not purchasing them on impulse and considering more than just price and color. You made a well thought out purchase, but now your area rug tends to slide and bunch up. Moisture usually causes this rippling and buckling, which can result from running a humidifier nearby, pet accidents or even a cleaning that didn’t dry completely.

Bunching Area Rug

6 Steps to Correct a Bunching Area Rug

1. Vacuum the carpet underneath thoroughly.

2. Place the area rug face down. Place heavy objects on the corners to keep them from curling.

3. Add a pad if the area rug doesn’t have one. Look for a non-skid material. If you can’t find one the same size as the rug, then buy the bigger size and cut it down to fit.

4. Use double-sided carpet tape to attach the pad to the rug. Make an “X” with the tape in the middle of the pad and frame the edges with more tape.

5. Turn the rug and pad over. Place the area rug where you want it.

6. Now the rug should stay in place and no longer be a trip and fall hazard or an unattractive décor item.

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