Flags are a great way to show your patriotism, celebrate national holidays (Independence Day is coming up!), root for sports teams or simply decorate your house. But if improperly mounted, your flag will not be flying for very long.

Though it’s not difficult to install, making sure you’ve properly secured your flag bracket to your home is the only way to prevent damage to your home’s facade and to keep your flag flying in the breeze. Follow our five easy steps below to be certain yours is properly installed.

Flag Front House

What You’ll Need

  • Pencil
  • Drill with drill bit
  • Caulk
  • Anchors
  • 1 ¼ inch screws
  • Screw driver

1. Positioning

Begin by positioning the bracket where you would like to hang your flag, then mark where the holes are with a pencil.

2. Pre-Drill

With a drill bit appropriate for your home’s sheathing (brick, wood, etc.), drill holes deep enough for 1 ¼ inch screws. If your sheathing is brick, be sure to drill into the brick and not the mortar.

3. Caulk the Holes

Place a little bit of caulking into the holes to keep water out.

4. Attach Bracket

Using the 1 ¼ inch screws, attach the bracket to the side of your house. Don’t use the ones the bracket came with because these will be too short and will fall out, damaging your home. If your sheathing is brick, insert plastic or stainless steel anchors first.

5. Slide Flagpole Into Place

You’re done! Now you can insert your flag and enjoy it.


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