Every year around this time we celebrate our country’s independence in a myriad of ways. The warm weather makes us yearn for an outdoor celebration with friends and family. Classic decorations include flags and just about anything in red, white or blue. How will you decorate for the party? What will your guests find when they arrive? What forms will your patriotism take? Pro.com unearthed some easy decorating ideas, entertainment tips and even found a way to showcase your favorite drinks.


Girl With Flags


Read on if you’re planning a party!

1. Patriotism at the Door

Make a wreath to demonstrate your love of the United States and hang it on the door. Use bows, burlap, rosettes, silk flowers, a ribbon and a small flag; or glue or wire whatever you have on hand in red, white and blue (wrapping paper, construction paper, fabric, pom poms) to a grapevine or Styrofoam wreath shape. The choice is yours.

Patriotic Wreath

2. Buy New Chairs

Great furniture sales take place before, during and after the 4th of July. Replace your dining room chairs with white ones, or get bold red and white fabric covers for your outdoor suite of iron chairs.

Red White Blue Chairs

3. Reframe Photos

Use red frames and white mat board borders to showcase your family pictures on a single wall inside your home. Or, opt for a combination of red and blue frames. Primary colors like red, white and blue never go out of style.

Blue and Red Photo Frames

4. Decorate With Flowers

Place cut white flowers like hydrangeas, carnations or roses in vases either indoors and out. Measure the vase’s circumference and cut ribbon in lengths that size. Pick ribbon with stars or flags on it to stay with the Independence Day theme. Cover the vase with the ribbons using double-sided tape.

Patriotic Flowers

5. Channel Your Inner Betsy Ross

Use clothespins to attach a garland of small flags onto twine and hang inside or outside. Place a large American flag on one wall. Pop flags into your potted plants. You can get a good supply of different size flags at your local dollar store.

American Flag Garland

6. Allegiance Through Beverages

For your drink station, find a rectangular tray large enough to hold about 18 clear glasses. In the upper left hand corner place a square white bowl filled with blueberries. Bonus points for serving red and white drinks in the clear glasses, then configure them to make the stripes on the flag. Melon punch and frozen margaritas sound about right for red and white. Or, place red, white and blue fruit in a pitcher or mason jars for a patriotic beverage.

Patriotic Drink

7. Tie-Dye the Napkins

Bring back the 70s with white napkins squirted with blue or red dye. Here are the modern day tie-dye instructions so you can do it yourself.

Blue Tie Dye Napkins

8. Watch City Fireworks from Home

You’re party has just got going and nobody wants to leave to fight the crowds at the local display of professional fireworks. Instead, let your guests watch that display on your flat screen outside. You’ll need power supply access, surround sound speakers and a fairly large seating area. Apartmenttherapy.com tells you How to Take the Home Entertainment Experience out to the Backyard.

Fireworks on Television

Warning: 2015 has been a very dry year especially in the West. Wildfires are breaking out everywhere because of the extreme dryness. It only takes a spark to ignite acres of land, wipe out homes and put lives at risk. If home fireworks are illegal in your town or city or if officials have asked you not to set off fireworks in your neighborhood, please abide by those laws and suggestions.


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