Although not everybody reads for pleasure, a January 2014 study undertaken by the Pew Charitable Trust revealed that 75% of Americans have read at least one book in the previous year. Most of the study participants read a print book, but others used an e-reader and some even listened to an audio book. No matter how you prefer your books and where you wind up reading, inside or outside, if you put some thought into creating a reading nook, you’ll probably enjoy this quiet time alone more and read more often.

Book and Mug

Whatever you do doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive – just comfy, private and serene. Consider taking your next great book into one of these spaces.

1. Transform a Closet

You can easily convert an extra closet into a place to escape with a good novel. Add comfortable seating like a recliner, oversized cushions or even bean bags. Install extra lighting because you need more light to read so you won’t strain your eyes. Tie it all together with the color scheme of your choice.

Closet Reading Nook

2. Locate Your Space Near a Sunny Window

The light has been provided, so you can concentrate on the piece of furniture you want and a side table to hold your warm beverage and your book when it’s not being read. Or, have a window seat built next to this window to take advantage of the natural light coming in.

Window Seat Reading Nook

3. Screen Off a Corner

No extra closet and no guarantee of sunshine where you live? Then find a small spot you can make your own and place a decorative screen around it. Use your imagination; this is your place to escape.

Screened Off Reading Nook

4. Fashion an Outdoor Retreat

Look for a shady nook where you can place the perfect reading chair or hammock,  a small table and some attractive planters. Don’t forget the citronella to keep those pesky bugs away.

Backyard Reading

5. Create a Kid’s Hideaway

Build a tree house, pitch a tent or teepee, fill it with cushions and your children will have their own special place to read. Let them decorate it. Encourage them to take the family dog to their reading nook. When you read to a dog he doesn’t correct you for every small mistake made, helping kids grow confident in their reading abilities.

Child Reading in Teepee

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