Keeping closets clean and organized feels like a never-ending battle. Getting organized can be difficult, especially if you’re limited on space, so being creative with your organization is key. Here are our ideas to make the most out of your closet space.

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To help you, we’ve compiled 14 tips to maximize your closet space and keep chaos at bay at least a little longer.

1. Purge Your Inventory

One of the cornerstones of a clean closet is routinely combing through your inventory. Naturally, fewer things to organize will keep your closet cleaner. A good trick is to turn all of your hangers so the open end faces out towards your room. As you wear things, turn them back the other way. Every year or six months, take out anything still facing the original direction and donate it.

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2. Vertical Hanging

To save space on your closet rods, hang things vertically in one space. You can accomplish this by hanging hangers from chains or s-hooks anchored by one hanger on the rod, or use soda tabs for an especially thrifty solution.

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3. Move Your Shoes

Shoes can take up the most real estate in your closet, so if you can, move them to a more creative storage space. Place them in wine boxes under your bed or on top of an old picture frame with scratch pads that slides under another piece of furniture.

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4. Use Your Luggage

Luggage is also a huge space consumer, so put it to work! Store off-season items in your suitcases or backpacks items. Then hang them in odd places on hooks, like the space above your door, so they don’t take up valuable space.

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5. Vacuum Packaging

Speaking of out of season, store these items in vacuum-packed bags. They’ll take up a fraction of the space and can easily slide under the bed or be placed in a storage box. Our favorite is putting them in a decorative trunk that can also double as a seat, coffee table or decoration.

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6. Clear Boxes

When you are storing things in boxes in your closet, use clear ones. It keeps everything visible and easy to find so you don’t end up wearing the same outfit over and over again. It will also save you a lot of time rummaging through boxes for something you could have sworn was there.

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7. Recycle Shoe Boxes

Don’t throw away your old shoe boxes just yet! You can use them to keep items organized in your closet’s pull-out drawers.

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8. Increase Rod Real Estate

Generally, rods should take up ⅔ of your closet’s space, but you can customize this to your needs. Since most closets come with one rod, chances are you need and want more. Use a dowel hung from ropes for a quick second rod, or if you can, try to install them yourself in a staggered pattern to allow for different items. Spring-loaded rods easily pull down and utilize those high-up, hard to reach spaces.

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9. Even More Rods

Rods aren’t just for hanging clothes. You can install rods on the inside of your closet door (if you don’t have sliding doors) to hang scarves, belts and other smaller items that you don’t want taking up space. A kitchen utensil rail with s-hooks works especially well for belts as does shower curtain rings for hanging scarves.

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10. Garment Tags

If you have clothes stored in garment bags, it can be easy to forget they’re there. Take a picture of the item and paste it onto a tag that you can hang on the hanger. Now you’ll always know what’s inside!

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11. Don’t Cut Corners

Corners in closets can be such a waste of space. But now you can install corner units so you use every square inch. Add a quick corner bookshelf for folded clothes, or better yet get a carousel from a closet storage store. It spins 360° so you can easily access everything you hang.

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12. Don’t Go Permanent

When it comes to shelves, the more the better. They are supremely versatile and can store just about anything. To make sure you have room for everything from tall boots to jewelry boxes, get a unit with adjustable shelving.

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13. Fold Differently

Turns out stacking your shirts and sweaters on top of one another isn’t the most efficient way to store them in drawers. Instead, place them so that the folded end is facing up in the drawer. This lets you put even more inside and makes it easy to see what’s there.

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14. New Hangers

Lastly switch out your hangers for ultra-thin ones. They can take up to ⅓ of the space of normal hangers and often come with no-slip grips. There are a variety of styles so you can get one specific to certain garments, but all will increase the area you have to hang things up.

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