Happy Hammock Day! Summer is in full swing, and what better way to enjoy the long, languid days and balmy nights than swinging in your very own hammock? It’s extremely easy to do, so you can be relaxing in the same day you install it.


Dad and Child in Hammock


Just follow these steps to hang a hammock and enjoy!

1. Choose Your Hammock

There are many different kinds on the market, but we recommend one with a spreader bar. They stay open so you can completely relax, or stay social during a backyard get-together. They’re also better for sharing. Mayan or Brazilian types are great for sleeping in, but not much else because of their cocoon effect. Just be sure to avoid cotton, nylon and unfinished bars to increase your hammock’s durability.

Man in Hammock

2. Find Your Distance

It’s great if you have two trees, but if not, two solid anchor points like a building or sturdy flagpole will do. You’ll want to find the ideal distance so that you’re laying flat inside your hammock. Trunk to trunk, you’ll be looking for a distance of 13-16 feet, but no longer than 18 feet. A good ballpark is a few feet longer than your hammock. If the distance is too long, you can compensate with ropes or chains, but if it’s too short, use a metal hammock frame or install a post in concrete to reach the ideal distance.

Hammock Between Trees

3. Choose Your Hardware

You can either go with removable tree straps or drill into your trees or anchors. For the straps, you simply loop the strap through its metal ring and hook the hammock on with an S-hook. Or, if you want your hammock to be more permanent and easy to set up, you can drill a bolt into each tree or anchor. Drill a 1/8 or 3/16 inch hole into each tree and secure in a 4 inch eyebolt. Then, simply attach the hammock with a carabineer with the proper weight rating and kick back!

Hammock Hardware


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