We have all been there. The fleeting and sometimes lasting moment where we look out at our lawn –  the bare patches, stubborn plants, water bill.  “How easy would it be to just pour in concrete.” That might not be pretty, but it’d be easy, right? Before you turn your lawn into a basketball court, consider these other nine low-maintenance lawn alternatives. They may not be 100% effortless, but they’re fuss-free.  Additionally, it will save you money on water and lawn care and still look gorgeous!

1. Allergy-free Flora

If you keep your allergy pills next to the lawn mower, you may want to consider replacing your lawn with sneeze-less plants. Pollen free lawn alternative plants such as purple sage, spurge, day lilies, bamboo and mint all look beautiful and need minimal weeding and watering.

Purple Sage

2. Ground Covers

There are a variety of creeping perennials and clover that almost look like a lawn, but requires much less care and water. Consider creeping thyme sprinkled in with a walkable gravel—the colorful blooms are delightful and the thyme releases a fragrance when walked on.

Creeping Thyme Lawn Alternative

3. Turf Grass

Don’t recoil just because we said grass. If you can’t kick the green, replace your time-sucking lawn with turf grass. It needs a quarter of the water, rarely needs mowing and doesn’t need any fertilizer or pesticides. It’s an environmentalist’s kind of lawn.

Turf Grass

4. Extend Your Patio

Either extend your patio or install a patio instead of a lawn. Make your backyard a retreat with a fireplace or water feature, covered patio or anything you can dream up. The concrete or wood patio definitely doesn’t need watering and can be brightened up with potted, drought-tolerant plants or creeping vines.

Concrete Patio

5. Go Native

Plant your lawn with the flora that’s indigenous to your area. It’s already adapted to the climate so it hardly needs any attention at all.

Satin Flower

6. Gravel

Foot-friendly gravel like pea gravel is virtually maintenance-free. Green it up with potted plants, low shrubs along the border or succulents.

Gravel Yard

7. Permeable Paving

If you’re looking for a more natural look than poured concrete walkways, look into permeable pavements. They look like they’ve always been there and also allow water to trickle back into the soil.

Permeable Pavement

8. Synthetic Grass

Slightly on the more expensive side, synthetic grass has all the pros of a lawn without any of the bother. The best part? You can use it to put in a putting green.

Synthetic Grass Lawn Alternative

9. Simply Succulent

Create a tapestry of succulents in colorful shapes and sizes. You’d be surprised how beautiful these drought-resistant plants can be and won’t look anything like a bleak desert landscape. Since they were born and raised on the lonely range, they hardly need any attention at all.

Succulents Lawn Alternatives

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