The Environmental Protection Agency states that the average U.S. family washes approximately 400 loads of laundry a year – that’s more than one load per day. With all the time Americans are spending doing laundry, make sure your laundry room is equipped with the best accessories to make this chore more efficient so that you can make more time doing things you actually like to do (unless, of course, you are a laundry enthusiast). 


Laundry Basket


Here are eight must-have accessories for your laundry room:


1. Divided Laundry Tote

It’s incredibly frustrating when your fresh, clean clothes manage to wrinkle during the time it takes for you to unload them and get to a good place to fold and sort. You can reduce wrinkling in your clothes by folding them straight out of the dryer and sorting with a divided laundry tote which fits in most hampers.

2. Multi-Directional Iron

This is the iron dreams are made of—if you dream of irons. It goes in both directions for faster ironing and easy access to tricky spots.

3. Portable Hampers

You’ll never have to go chasing after everyone’s laundry with these hampers. Place an affordable, cloth hamper in whichever rooms accumulate laundry. Then, just pick it up when it’s time to do a load.

4. Indoor Drying Rack

There are multiple styles to choose from, but whether you go with a rod, accordion rack or fold out hanger, you’ll have an easy place to hang delicates and air-dry garments. You can easily install them yourself, and you’ll never have to go searching for hanging places again.

5. Wool Dryer Balls

Save money on fabric softeners and wasteful dryer sheets with wool dryer balls. They’ll keep your clothes fluffy for at least a year and don’t contain any PVC as found in plastic dryer balls, or harmful gas as found in tennis balls.

6. Magnetic Quilted Ironing Board

Drape this quilted sheet right over your dryer and start ironing. Especially great for small spaces, you won’t miss wrestling with that ironing board anymore.

7. Sock Clips

Every time we unload our laundry with all of our socks, it feels like a mini-victory. With sock clips, every load will be a victory and your socks will never lose a mate again.

8. Mesh Laundry Bag

This is a small but essential accessory that’s often overlooked. Keeping your delicates intact is as easy as throwing them in this bag and washing. The mesh keeps them from snagging or getting tangled up in rougher fabric.


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