Nature’s neutrals are still in style as we move into fall. Pantone has tweaked their spring palette just a little bit, combining colors for fall from opposite sides of the spectrum together to create a fun, fantastical yet neutral and androgynous palette. The juxtaposition creates an aura of poise that gathers its strength from nature’s allusions and makes for strong and sophisticated decor.


Bedroom Fall Colors


That isn’t to say these strong colors aren’t fun. Paired with bold colors and patterns, they make for a hopeful and whimsical vibe that leads you to believe that anything is possible. And with this diverse palette, it really is!

Top 10 Pantone Colors for Fall

1. Dried Herb

Pantone Dried Herb

This olive green tone is no longer resigned to the military and camo gear. With all the other fall colors, it becomes a complimentary color, alone in a statement piece or paired as an accent, that is rich and chic.





2. Desert Sage

Pantone Desert Sage

The green undertone in this soothing gray makes it a perfect neutral with a hint of personality. Build your palette from it or anchor a room by using it on your walls.






3. Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

Just as you’d expect, this color bring the energy and excitement of an overcast day before a storm. The enduring blue-gray feels luxurious and constant, like a steady rainfall. We can’t get enough of this robust tone, use it just about anywhere.





4. Oak Buff

Pantone Oak Buff

Oak Buff is mellow like the sun coming out on a crisp fall day. It has that comforting feeling of being curled up with a blanket and a book as the leaves fall outside. We love it as a warm accent.





5. Marsala


You may recognize this color from spring. It transitions to fall as a foundation color for a palette that stands boldly with grounding confidence. Sensual and earthy like its namesake, use it as a pop of color such as a stand-out accent chair.





6. Biscay Bay

Biscay Bay

This lush and elegant teal cools off warm tones with a hint of tropical weather from islands far away. It’s inviting and encourages daydreams of summer. Use it for standout pieces or on an accent wall.





7. Reflecting Pond

Pantone Reflecting Pond

Deep and brooding, Reflecting Pond does just as the name implies. It’s depth adds stability and security all the while making a room seem endless and soothing. Definitely use this color in a bold, big way.





8. Cadmium Orange

Pantone Cadmium Orange

If this color reminds you of the ‘60s or ‘70s, you wouldn’t be wrong. It’s fun, it’s fantastical, it’s playful. Just what this earthy 2015 palette needs for a pop of color. Use it on its own or as a contrast for a splash of fun.





9. Cashmere Rose

Pantone Cashmere Rose

Continuing the mod-modern twist, Cashmere Rose comes in a little more muted than Cadmium Orange. It’s upscale, soft and rich color will add composure to a palette however you use it.





10. Amethyst Orchid

Pantone Amethyst Orchid

Every palette has a stand out color, and this is it for Fall 2015. It’s bright jewel tone adds intrigue in a vibrant and sensual way. Once a color for royalty, Amethyst Orchid’s purple hues will make any room just as rich and will inspire your creative design.





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