This major deck addition required first removing an existing upper level deck and existing supports to create a Juliet balcony. We replaced the siding, re-routed the gutters, moved the flood lights, installed a steel railing and repainted. You would never be able to tell the previous deck was ever there.

Next, we resurfaced the existing front and back decks, repaired rot and water damage in the siding and under the decks, and wrapped them with a composite that matches the new 30’x18’ deck. The new deck also includes a custom trellis and privacy screen constructed specifically to the homeowner’s specifications to provide a shaded place for their plants to grow.

Finally, after waiting for dry weather, we treated and sealed the front deck and non composite sections of the rear deck with a deck coating to compliment the color of the home.

Project Duration: 1 month, plus waiting for dry weather

Project Cost: $35,400





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