You can replace your baseboards and other trim with new ones and skip this if you want. But when you like what you have, painting spiffs them up in no time. In less than two hours you can revitalize a room just by painting the trim. shows you some tips on how to make this job a little easier.

1. Gather Your Supplies

A 2–2.5 inch angled brush, drop cloth, painters tape, a fairly long paint guard, putty, sandpaper and paint in a higher gloss than the walls to highlight the room.

House Paint Supplies


2. Paint Trim Before or After

Professionals debate this all the time and nobody has decided which is best, so work on the baseboards either prior to painting the walls or after.

Raw Molding

3. Deal with Any Holes

You may see small nail holes or indented scuffs on your moldings. Fill those with putty and sand to make them smooth and even with the rest of the baseboard.

Wood Putty


4. Cover the Carpet or Floor

Use that drop cloth to protect the floor while you paint.

Paint Dropcloth


5. Wipe Off the Baseboards

With a damp cloth remove any dirt and excess putty dust.

Cleaning Baseboard


6. Apply Painters Tape

Place this tape above baseboards and around the door so paint doesn’t spill over.

Painter's Tape On Baseboard


7. Read and Follow the Instructions

Even professionals read the paint can instructions because every brand and type is different.

Read Paint Can


8. Get Started Painting

Begin in the corner and work your way around the room. Use your paint guard and paint lengthwise strokes instead of moving the brush up and down.

Painting Baseboard


9. Remove Painters Tape

Be sure to wait until the paint is dry to the touch before doing this.

Baseboard Paint Supplies


10. Admire Your Handiwork

See how fresh and clean the room looks now.

Blue Walls White Trim


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