Staying ahead of any wet, stormy weather destined for your area means you won’t be stuck trying to plug leaks in a drenching rain. Honestly, precipitation falls just about everywhere, more so in the Pacific Northwest, so now’s the time to get ready. Taking just a few precautions now guarantees your family’s safety inside your home during the winter and into next spring.


Rain On Roof


Here’s what you need to do:

1. Clean Out the Gutters: Blocked gutters or those in need of repair can force rainwater to backup and damage your roof. You’ll need to perform this task periodically throughout the winter. Buy one of the specially designed tools that connects to your hose for this job.

2. Check Out the Roof: Repair damaged, lose or missing shingles. These can cause leaks inside your home.

3. Inspect Interior for Leaks: Fix any leaks or you risk the chance of mold, mildew and even flooding inside your home. Investigate peeling paint and watermarks on the ceiling as those can be signs of a leak.

4. Secure Doors and Windows: Water comes into your house through the windows and doors, also. Make sure they have no gaps around them and are tightly sealed. Add weather stripping if you need to.

5. Trim Flora Near the House: Cut back any bushes or trees that might blow into your house during a severe wind and rain storm. Water and snow both weigh down branches and pose a danger to humans and the house.

6. Examine Street Drains: Let your city’s public works department know if they are clogged.

7. Keep Sand Bags at the Ready: If your area is prone to flooding, you’ll want to have sand bags filled and stockpiled before the water comes.

8. Inspect the Basement: Best left to a professional, a good once-over lets you know what needs repairing before the rainy season.

9. Pack an Emergency Kit: Have supplies including food, extra clothing, medications, pet food and medications, water and first aid items gathered in one place in case of a natural disaster.

10. Now Enjoy: You’ve repaired, sealed and prepared. Now you can enjoy a cup of hot cocoa by the fire. Keeping warm and dry during the rains shouldn’t be a problem.


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