To keep everyone from tracking mud and moisture throughout your home, you can stop it just inside the door. No doubt about it, winter is messy. If you don’t plan ahead, your cleaning chores will overwhelm you this coming season.


Rain Boots Front Door


Extra preparations here make a huge difference. By adding a few items conveniently located in your entryway, the kids, husband and guests can easily leave outside dirt and grime in one central place. Suggestions on how to stage the space just inside your front door include:

1. Clean Out the Clutter

In order to furnish the entryway appropriately, you’ll need to remove any and all items that don’t belong. If this has become a place to dump shoes, they need to go back to their owner for stowing. Summer sports equipment also needs to go.

2. Place a Doormat Outside

This encourages folks to wipe their feet and leave at least a small percentage of the dirt and grime outdoors. Look for something sturdy yet decorative.

3. Acquire a Coat Rack

Every family member needs a spot to hang their coats, jackets and hats, especially if they are wet. Pegs on the wall also serve this purpose.

4. Put Down an Entry Rug

This keeps you from standing on a chilly, bare floor after you’ve shed your boots or shoes. One that is the length of the entryway does the most good.

5. Add a Bench

Look for a multipurpose piece that has storage inside so it can do double duty. You can sit here to don your outdoor footwear or to put on some warm cozy slippers.

6. Stock With Socks

Buy some extra fluffy, warm socks for guests to wear around your house. Let them take the pair home and they’ll remember your hospitality for a long while.

7. Up the Coziness Factor

If you have the room, place a space heater in your entryway to warm up those cold hands and feet. If not, a fleece throw or blanket makes a good substitute.

8. Include Storage

This might mean baskets to hold gloves plus an umbrella holder. Look for an umbrella stand made from some material other than wood and with a drip tray to catch the moisture.


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