Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday, begins Sunday, December 6 at sunset and lasts for eight days. Now is the perfect time to ready your home for this celebration. Then you can enjoy family, tasty food, lighting the menorah and games, songs and stories.

Here’s how to get your house ready:

1. Embellish with Blue and White

You can accent these traditional Hanukkah colors with gold and silver. Also, display varying shades of blue from cobalt to a powdery pastel.


Hanukkah Place Setting


2. Involve the Children

Making your own garlands and ornaments is a good way to include the kids in the preparations.


Child and Menorah


3. Remember the Gelt

In Yiddish gelt means money, but gold-wrapped chocolate coins create a good kid-friendly substitute. Use them as rewards for winning Dreidel.


Gelt and Dreidel


4. Showcase the Menorah

Buy fresh candles and place the menorah near a window so it can be seen from the outside. Keep the lit candles away from anything flammable.


Closeup Menorah


5. Try a New Centerpiece

Group a few votive holders together. Put white candles in some and a white flower like a carnation in others. Or fill a clear vase with tiny dreidels and add white hydrangeas.


Hanukkah Centerpiece


6. Stage Your Living Area

Make sure you have enough seating for your guests and a clear space for them to move about. You want everyone to be comfortable for storytelling and conversation.


Family on Hanukkah


7. Shop for Ready-Made Décor

Check out paper goods or party stores for banners, signs and Stars of David if you’re in a rush.


Hanukkah Decoration


8. Tried and True

Don’t try a new adventurous recipe now. Rely on what has worked in the past for your potato latkes, brisket and noodle kugel.




9. Set Up a Dessert Station

Cover a small table with a blue and white tablecloth. Use one dessert as a centerpiece and have all the others in different types of containers and plates. Scatter the gold chocolate coins on the tablecloth.


Hanukkah Donuts



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