Repurposing is not only trendy, but good for the environment. Landfill space is filling up in many areas, and if materials are not properly disposed of, it’s dangerous to have metals and waste that could possibly leak into the surrounding soil and groundwater. When it comes to metal, it’s hard to find recycling facilities for many items, so why not think about using reclaimed metal around your home?

By using reclaimed metal, you can have unique pieces in your home and add a bit of creativity and even whimsy to your décor. If you don’t have metal items around your place, you can check out places like yard and tag sales, resale shops, and donation centers like Goodwill.

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1. Recycle Steel Pipes

Steel pipes can add a modern, sleek, architectural element to your home by using pipes as a base for a table or desk, to constructing a candelabra (have fun with elbow joints!) or shelves and bookcases.

2. Vintage Iron

You could use a wrought iron headboard in the bedroom, or it looks terrific as a bench in the garden. You may have heard stories about your great-grandmother’s Singer sewing machine. Parts of the sewing stand can take on a more decorative form as a garden gate; or use it as the base of a table. Modernize it with a marble top.

3. Upcycle Iron

Old iron barrels can morph into a hidden bookcase, as more general storage or add a creative cut and a cushion for unique seating.

4. Reinvent Cast Iron

Repurposing an old cast iron bathtub to create a couch can take the shape of an elegant chaise.

5. Artsy Metal Gears

Some people have a way of seeing other shapes in the everyday. If you want flowers in your yard all year long, consider these flowers made of metal gears. Then again, some people create a whole world out of reclaimed metal and then place in a park.

6. If You Don’t DIY

In some areas, you may even find specialty shops that have re-envisioned everyday items into useful pieces, so you don’t have to take on a do-it-yourself project if you don’t want to. Clever ideas like bike gears used as coasters, forks used as hooks, or even an old garden gate hung from the kitchen ceiling and used as a pot rack add character to to everyday functional pieces.

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