You’ve seen reclaimed wood used for furniture, but did you realize you can use it outdoors, too? We love the look of it in a backyard because it adds a historic and classic feel. You can find the wood yourself or hire someone to landscape with reclaimed wood for you. Either way, we love this eco-friendly technique.

If you are landscaping yourself, just be aware of where you’re sourcing your wood. Most reclaimed wood comes from old buildings which once upon a time could have held hazardous materials like asbestos. Also, beware of old screws and nails hiding in the wood.

If using reclaimed wood is something you’re interested in, but you just don’t know how, continue reading for some inspirational landscaping ideas.

1. Outdoor Shelves

Plain and simple, use the wood to create weathered outdoor shelves for anything from gardening tools to plants and more.

Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Shelves

2. Space Dividers

If you want to create designated spaces in your yard, stacking planks of reclaimed wood is far more interesting that a solid wall or canvas.

Reclaimed Wood Compost

3. Artistic Fence

And speaking of dividers, if you’re building a fence look into reclaimed wood. Anyone can build a fence, but when you mix in other materials like ceiling tiles for an artistic feel you create a fence unique to your home.

Recycled Wood Fence

4. Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are very in, and with a recycled wooden pallet they’re very easy! Just use a non-toxic backing like landscaping fabric, plant small plants or herbs and you’re good to go! Plus they have the added benefit of keeping your garden out of reach from pests.

Vertical Garden

5. Artwork

You can try to DIY this, but there are many artists out there who use reclaimed wood to create outdoor art. They can be custom made and transform your yard into an old-world fantasy.

Reclaimed Wood Artwork

6. Outdoor Station

If you love entertaining, you can also use the wood to create an outdoor bar. It’s a great alternative to installing a full outdoor kitchen and are the perfect spaces to serve drinks and snacks. Another option could be an outdoor gardening station as well.

Outdoor Kitchen

7. Garden Gates

Make your guests and family feel like they’re entering and old country garden by using reclaimed wood for your gate.

Reclaimed Garden Gate

8. Patio Frames

Instead of using new wood to create a frame or ceiling for your patio, use reclaimed wood for a country feel. Maybe even plant some climbing vines that will grow beautifully on the old wood.

Recycled Patio Frame

9. Retaining Walls and Garden Beds

Make your raised gardens or backyard walls feel less installed and more natural with the knotted look of reclaimed wood and reclaim your backyard.

Reclaimed Wood Garden


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