Whether we are debating who has less rain, who has “craftier” beer, who sells more bacon-topped donuts, or who plays the most intense game of soccer, the Seattle vs. Portland rivalry is one for the ages.

As Seattleites, we at Pro.com are all for letting the competition live on – but are also happy to report that we can put one question to rest: who pays more for home improvement projects? We tapped into our data and number crunched our findings to compare the average price these two cities pay to complete ten of the most popular home improvement projects. 

Combined with data pulled from Zillow for Portland and Seattle, it is pretty clear where you will (for the most part) pay more to not only own a home, but to keep it up. But then again, we’re not surprised – we believe that living in Seattle is well the investment!


Seattle-v-Portland-infographic (2) (1)

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