Summer is finally here! The days are longer, the flowers fragrant, the fruit even more delicious. But is your home a still few seasons behind?

With the weather warming up, it’s important that you heat up your decor in and around your home as well. Brighter colors and lighter fabrics will ease the transition from outside to inside so that you don’t feel like you’re stepping back into winter.

You don’t need to completely overhaul your home, and with our nine simple tips, you can add touches of summer that will bring the most out of the summer days.

1. Replace Your Linens

In winter and fall, we love to snuggle up under thick, warm linens—but we really don’t need that level of warmth as the temperatures rise during summer. Swapping out your heavy duvet with a light quilt will not only help you sleep better, but your bedroom will look summer-ready. Stick with bright or airy colors, florals and light fabrics. The same goes for swapping out your thick rugs.

Summer Linens

2. Summer Blooms

You don’t have to go to the store anymore for a fresh bouquet, instead, you can simply step outside to pick your own fragrant flowers. Flowers throughout your home signal that summer is here and brighten up the mood. You can even place a bouquet or large plant in your now out of use fireplace.

Bouquet in Living Room

3. Window Seat

You don’t need to install a built-in bench—just by rearranging your furniture, acquiring a piece to put under the window or utilizing a wide windowsill will do. Adding seating by the window to enjoy the long summer sun is a seasonal pleasure not to be missed.

Window Seat

4. Brighten Your Palette

Rich, warm colors are great for the cooler months, but now is the time to add energy to your decor. You can easily swap out accents, stow heavy throws and swap cluttering decor that feel cozy in fall but are overwhelming in summer. Opt for light fabrics and cheery colors and summer accents. Like a galvanized serving tray—it automatically says you’re ready for a impromptu summer soiree or for picnics outside.

Bright Living Room

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5. Tidy Up Outside

Speaking of outdoors, who doesn’t hear summer and think of picnics and dinner parties. Make sure your existing outdoor summertime furniture is clean and ready to go, or look into purchasing a set so you can enjoy the sunny weather as much as possible. Umbrellas and chaise lounges are nice ways to laze around, and at the very least, add a bench you can read or catch some rays on.

White Patio Furniture

6. Outdoor Lights

Although the days are long, the nights are still warm, so you may be staying out later than you expected to enjoy the cooler evenings. String lights and paper lanterns turn your backyard into an enchanted getaway you’ll never want to leave.

Outdoor Lanterns

7. Make an Art Swap

One of the quickest ways to brighten a dark room is simply by switching out the art. You can find inexpensive options just about anywhere and the colorful pieces will instantly make your room summer-ready.

Art On Bedroom Wall

8. Summer Scents

Candles are a wonderful touch year round, but cinnamon and evergreen scents seem very out of place when there are sandals and sleeveless shirts in the mix. Opt for summer scents like ocean breeze, crisp linen and citrus to welcome in the season.

Candles and Shells

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9. Outdoor Canopy

Protect yourself and your family from the summer sun and make enjoying the outdoors more comfortable with an outdoor canopy. Unlike an umbrella, it covers more ground, can go anywhere and you can easily DIY it. String it among your trees, extend it from your house, wherever you need shade! Basically, all you need is a thick cloth and some string and you’ll be set to lounge around and enjoy the outdoors.

Backyard Canopy


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