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At, we are always obsessing about removing the hassle from your home projects. You told us time and time again that responsiveness, instant scheduling, price transparency and trusted Pros matter. We listened.


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Today, we are happy to announce Text-a-Pro, a new messaging service designed to help you complete home projects faster than ever before. With instant access to flat-rate prices on projects and trusted Pros, you can say goodbye to phone tag and hidden fees, and say hello to home happiness! We are also the first company to partner with Facebook to offer home services within Facebook Messenger.

To get started, simply text your home project to 776-776 or send a message to on Facebook Messenger. Within minutes, a personal Home Project Manager will price your project and schedule a trusted Pro to come to your home. For your peace of mind, our Guarantee ensures that you are happy with the work completed. We’re that committed to you!

Text-a-Pro is designed with the flexibility to fit into your ever-changing lifestyle. Text-a-Pro features include:

1. Convenience

Available any time of the day by texting or through Facebook Messenger, Text-a-Pro makes it easy to schedule home projects in minutes at your convenience. Whether it’s fixing a broken faucet, hanging a flat-panel TV or starting a kitchen remodel—all your home projects are now just a text away.

2. Flat-Rate Pricing

We have pre-negotiated prices with trusted local service Pros on hundreds of common home improvement projects ranging from window cleaning to smart thermostat installation to hanging a flat-panel TV. For the first time, you will know the cost of these projects upfront.

3. Certified Service Providers

Our certification process ensures that Pros are licensed, insured, background-checked, and reviewed for quality and workmanship.

4. Personal Home Project Manager

We staff knowledgeable experts who find the right professional for your project, manage scheduling, handle billing and act as your advocate through every step of the process.

5. Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the completed project, we will work with you and the Pro to make it right. If a resolution cannot be met, we will pay another Pro to resolve it, up to the original amount paid by you, but not to exceed $1,000.

Text-a-Pro in Action

We are seeing rapid adoption of texting with our customers and Pros. In limited trials over the past three months, we noticed that more than 150,000 text messages were exchanged between customers, Pros and Home Project Managers.

“Almost all of my customers are texting. It’s how they prefer to communicate. has made it easy for us to book and coordinate projects, especially when it’s across staff members in the office or crew members in the field,” says David Crompton, one of our top rated Pros and Owner of Monet Home Services.

Text a Pro


Text-a-Pro Meets Facebook Messenger

We are the first company to partner with Facebook to offer home services within Facebook Messenger.  By sending a message to in Messenger, you can get a flat-rate price and schedule a trusted Pro, all within minutes conveniently from your mobile device.

Through Messenger, you will have the additional benefit of read receipts, so you’ll know when your messages have been delivered and seen, improving the ability to communicate in real time. You will also be able to use features you know and love from Messenger, like stickers and GIFs, for more expressive conversations. Going forward, we will deeply integrate with Messenger, adding even richer functionality.

Facebook Messenger


Text-a-Pro is designed to give you peace of mind. Our founder and CEO, Matt Williams, adds:

“Our customers don’t want to pick up the phone to call a Pro. Instead, they want a seamless mobile-first solution that fits into their active lifestyles. Text-a-Pro takes the hassle out of home services by offering price transparency, instant scheduling and easy access to Certified Service Providers all through mobile messaging. There is no easier way to schedule, coordinate and complete home projects.”

Text-a-Pro is available in Seattle and San Francisco starting today, and it will be expanding nationwide soon to all markets across the country. Give it a try by texting your home project to 776-776 or message from Facebook Messenger.

Watch our video below, and for more information, visit See our press release here. Please feel free to reach us at for any questions or feedback on the service.



Do you need help with a home improvement project? Text your home project to 776-776 to instantly get a flat-rate price and schedule a certified professional. Get a price. Get a pro. Get it done.


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