Hosting your wedding in your own or a love one’s backyard is not only a great way to save money on a venue, but also creates beautiful and sentimental memories. The flip side is that backyard weddings can require additional planning, especially if you’re doing the planning yourself.


Gazebo Backyard Wedding


With these 10 tips, we want to help you make your big day less of a big hassle.

1. Plan Ahead

You’ll be making tons of plans for your wedding, but there are some unique questions you need to ask yourself when planning your backyard wedding. Will it be big enough for your guest list? Will you be hosting both the ceremony and reception, and is there room to designate space for both? Do you have enough bathrooms to accommodate everyone? What about food—sit down dinner or h’ordeuvres? Talking to a rental or catering company can help you figure all of this out. After all, they do it for a living! Otherwise, plan about 6-10 square feet per guest and about 35 guests per restroom.

Backyard Wedding Party

2. Your Theme Matters

Backyard weddings lend themselves to garden, rustic and bohemian themes. Modern may not be the best theme to pick when tying the knot in the outdoors. However, when it comes down to it this is your big day, all that matters is your happiness.

Rustic Wedding Table Setting

3. Prep Your Yard

To ensure your backyard stands out as the amazing backdrop it is, give yourself at least 8 weeks to fill in the gaps in your garden. Work even further ahead by keeping in mind plants and the landscape design you want to see at your wedding when you plant it for the year.

Garden Wedding

4. Tents Are Your Friend

Incremental weather happens. As do scorchers and havoc wreaking breezes. So when it comes to your wedding, a tent will be your best friend. But don’t think of it as an eyesore – tents are also a great opportunity to work in more lighting and decorations while offering your wedding safety and privacy.

Wedding Tent

5. Flat Floors

Heels and grass do not go together. So spare your lawn and your guests by renting a floor for dancing, maybe even your walkway down the aisle.

Wedding Dance Floor

6. Rent Equipment

Going through a rental company may be one of the best decisions you make after getting a tent (and often you can get the tent, floor and equipment all from the same company!). The extra cost of renting tables, arrangements and the like is well worth the peace of mind. They take care of the set up and take down so you can enjoy your big day.

Wooden Chairs Backyard Wedding

7. Temperature Control

You can’t control the weather, but you can have a good idea what it will (or should) be like. Be sure to also rent any heaters or coolers you may need to keep guests comfortable as the day progresses.

Patio Heater

8. Consider a Generator

Chances are your house wasn’t built to accommodate the electrical demand of a wedding. There will be caterers, extra lighting, grills, music, and more that will all  be taxing to your grid, and you don’t want to be the cause of a neighborhood blackout.


9. Family Fun Zone

If you’re inviting kids to your wedding, consider creating an area for the kids. Backyards scream playtime for them, so contain any rambunctious behavior they may bring with a designated kids area. Include tables, some games and maybe even a blanket and pillow pile for naps.

Girl at Weddding

10. Embrace Your Backyard

Your backyard will be stunning for your wedding, so embrace its natural beauty. Don’t try to cover it up or use it simply because it’s convenient. Let it be the fairytale backdrop of your dreams.

Bride and Groom


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