The mudroom is the perfect intermediary space between the outside and your home and has so many uses, from a laundry nook, a catch-all destination, storage area, entryway or even all of the above! Because it has so many potential functions, sometimes your mudroom can get a little chaotic. We compiled 14 mudroom tips to help you get the most use out of it with the least amount of maintenance.

1. From the Floor Up

Inarguably, the floor can be the biggest mud room headache because it can collect so much dirt. With everyone running in from outside and storing their shoes there, it can be hard to keep it under control. Try flooring your mudroom with tile so that all you need to clean it is a mop and bucket.

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2. Seal the Floors

If you insist on having wood floors, there are several things you can do to make your life easier. One is to seal the floors with an outdoor wood polish. It’s much more resilient to scuffs and scratches, and also cleans easier. You can add a runner which is easily shaken out to help protect your floors.

Floor - Wood flooring

3. Screen Door

Your mudroom can sometimes get a little dusty, and wet if you live in a rainy climate or do laundry in that room. Install a screen door, or a Dutch door, so you can leave the main one open to air it out from time to time, or to let laundry dry. It’s also great for people going in and out in the warmer months.

Wall - Door

4. Catch-All

Speaking of going in and out, set up an oversized basket as a catch all is one of the easiest mudroom tips. It can be used for everything from umbrellas to sports equipment to towels. This will keep those things your family may idly forget about off of the floor.

Box - Basket

5. Labeled Storage Bins

Organization is the key to a mudroom. Using storage bins labeled with their owner or contents will help keep things tidy and easy to find. This is an especially great trick for families and to teach kids to keep their things put away.

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6. Hooks and Cubbies

Also great for families are hooks and cubbies. Kids are more likely to hang things on a hook or throw them in a cubby if it’s right in front of them. They’re great for jackets, backpacks, shoes, just about everything! If you can, have one cubby per family member and maybe a couple for guests if you have the space.

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7. Keep Cubbies Clean

Putting a carpet square at the bottom of each cubby makes cleanup a breeze. Just make sure that it’s washable so all you have to do is shake it out and toss it in the wash. You’ll be glad to be scrubbing down that cubby a lot less.

Carpet - Carpet cleaning

8. Add Cabinets

If you want to class-up your mudroom, add cabinet doors to your cubbies is one of our most extravagant mudroom tips. It disguises your mudroom and makes it look more like a sophisticated entryway than a catch-all destination.

Entryway - Cabinetry

9. Boot Trays

Mudrooms can collect a lot of shoes, so to account for all of them, add a boot tray made from galvanized metal. It keeps shoes contained, is easy to clean and resists rust.

Shoe - Boot

10. Add a Bench

Speaking of shoes, they’re much easier to take on and off while sitting down. Add a bench that can double as storage, or a chair or stool if you lack the space. Guests will thank you for thinking of them and your kids will track a lot less mess through the room.

Entryway - Cabinetry

11. Laundry Basket

Instead of having your family track dirt through the house by taking their dirty and soiled clothing to the laundry room, have a laundry hamper they can quickly through things in.

Laundry - Hamper

12. Protect Plants

Not sure where you keep your delicate plants when the weather worsens? A mudroom is a great place because of its proximity to the outdoors and keeps the rest of your house clean.

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13. Install a Sink

To really cut down on dirt, install a sink if you have the room. It gives family and friends a place to wash up on their way in and if you install an undermount sink, it is easier to keep clean.

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14. Color

Don’t forget to decorate your mudroom just like you would the rest of your home. Most families use the mudroom as their main entrance, so using color and decorations makes it more welcoming. Just remember to use washable paint because dirt happens!

Entryway - Room

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