Jack and Jill bathrooms can be a great way for large families to save space and money in their homes. But what exactly are they? They are full sized bathrooms located between two bedrooms and shared between two people. Typically, you won’t find them used as a master bathroom. There are a variety of bathroom layouts and floor plans. In some there is only one sink while in others there are two sinks. The family members will share the toilet and shower/tub. Jack & Jill baths make sense when two separate bathrooms for each bedroom are not physically or financially feasible. Most have two doors. When done right, shared bathrooms are a great way to teach your kids how to communicate and compromise.

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If your family is considering a bathroom remodeling project that includes a Jack and Jill bathroom, or you already have one, we’ve compiled a few tips to maximize their convenience and make them more enjoyable to use.

1. Include Personal and Shared Space

Finding personal space in a communal area can be the most difficult aspect of shared bathrooms. The key is to create enough space for each user. Do this by creating ample and separate storage space so they can keep their toiletries, towels and accessories apart from each other. It makes sharing space a lot easier when you have your own ownership as well. Check out some bathroom designs on Pinterest for inspiration.

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2. Have Doubles Sinks If Bathroom Layout Allows

Make sharing easier, too, by making sure some things aren’t shared. Get each user their own bathroom accessories, like soap dispensers and towel racks. Let them make it their own space by allowing them to pick things out. It will feel more personalized to each of them. Most importantly, make sure they each have their own sink. That way, they can share the bathroom during less private activities like brushing their teeth.

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3. Create a Neutral Background

Since they’ll have their own accessories, keep the rest of the room neutrally designed and stick to broad themes. Then, you can also affordably keep up with their design tastes by switching out these accessories instead of redoing the room or trying to come to a compromising design. You’ll also want to use more neutral decorating ideas throughout.

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4. Creating Privacy for Jill Bathroom

This is the key a successful shared bathroom. The bathroom is the most private room in the house, and when you share one, it can seem difficult to achieve that comfort. Make things easier for them by placing locks on both sides of both doors to keep accidental barge-ins from happening. There may be an occasional lock-out, but the overall comfort will be worth the accident. When possible, also create separate spaces for the shower and toilet, preferably sectioned off for additional privacy. If you can, this also makes sharing bathroom time easier for the users.

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Shared bathrooms can take some getting used to as well as some compromise, but an overall great option for large families. They can be a great learning experience for your kids during hectic morning rituals and an efficient option when adding another bathroom.

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