Home is where the heart is, and if you’re a pet owner, a large part of that heart is your furry family members. Just like how you should feel comfortable at home, it’s important your dog, cat or other pet do too. Not only will this relieve some of the stress of being a pet owner, namely keeping your home fur-free, but your pet will be much happier too.

Dog On Welcome Mat

So, since cats have nine lives, we’ve found nine must-have pet friendly features for your home.

Must-Have Pet Friendly Features

1. Doggy Doors

This is an oldie but a goodie. Doggy doors have stood the test of time because they make keeping a dog that much easier. You won’t have to worry about getting Fido out of the house in time for potty breaks and he can come and go as he pleases. The same goes for cats who love a good stroll outdoors.

Doggy Door

2. Built-In Cat Run

If your cat stays indoors, chances are she spends a lot of time looking longingly out the window. Fulfill her dreams without worrying that she’ll get lost by installing a cat run outside. This will allow her to lounge outdoors without accidentally chasing a leaf right out of the yard.

Cat Running Outdoors

3. Ditch the Cat Tree

Maybe your feline prefers to stay indoors but still wants the fun of an outdoor climbing area. Ditch the cat tree and give her some cat shelves. They install onto your walls like normal shelves and even have little “hidy-hole” boxes she can sneak attack you from. If you don’t go with a professional company, you can easily DIY them with some good scratching carpets wrapped around conventional shelves.

Cat Bridge

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4. Built-In Dog Wash

Get really fancy and give your dog his own doggy shower. Skip the glass doors and either install a large, industrial sink with a high-mounted faucet he’ll fit into, or a low-curb shower without doors. You can find pre-fabricated ones online, but these options work just as well. Just make sure the faucet has an extendable shower head.

Indoor Dog Wash

5. Cat Naps

Ditch the silk, velvet or other fancy fabric couches for sturdy stain resistant ones. New fabrics such as Crypton, which is practically pet-proof, and old favorites like leather are easy to clean and don’t attract pet hair like a magnet. For all other furniture, like your bed, throw a washable fabric over it that’s easily cleaned.

Cat Napping On Couch

6. Match Your Pet

Maybe not so much a feature, but still a genius idea. We love our pets, but it really is a never-ending battle against their fur. Instead, match the color of your fabrics to their fur so that if you miss a couple hairs, they won’t stand out as much. However, if your pet is white…well, white fabrics still might not be the best decision when you’re a pet owner.

Lab Puppy On Couch

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7. Dog Fountains

Water features are charming in any backyard. Make yours pull double duty by it also serving as a place for your buddy to drink. Pick one with a self-circulating filtration system so he always has a fresh drink while saving you water.

Dog Drinking From Fountain

8. Grass-Free

Installing artificial grass isn’t just eco-friendly, it also reduces the mess your dog can get into. No more digging, muddy paws, yellow spots or whatever else he can get into in your yard.

Pomeranian On Fake Grass

9. Hidden Bathroom

Last but not least, a wonderful idea for your cat’s….dirty business. Litter boxes are a necessary evil for cat owners, and they can be very unpleasant and unsightly. If you have a cabinet or coffee table with unused space, you can create a hidden bathroom for your feline. This works especially well with old trunks. Install a kitty door into the furniture and place the litter box inside. It contains the smell and no one will know it’s there!

Cat In Old Suitcase


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