Whether we’re looking for tips to improve our own homes or are living vicariously through other people’s remodels, home improvement celebrity shows are more than just a guilty pleasure. It’s not just the renovations we love, it’s the hosts, too. They give us the tips we crave and guide us through the crazy world of home ownership. In no particular order (we don’t play favorites!), here are our top 10 home improvement celebrities we adore.

1. Drew and Jonathan Scott

Property Brothers (HGTV)

Dreamy men building dreamy houses—do we really need to explain why we love these two? We can’t help but wish we were one of the couples they help. Fun fact: Drew and Jonathan got into flipping houses from an infomercial on how to make millions with no money down. Straight out of high school, they put $250 down on a house and after some renovations turned a $50,000 profit!

Jonathan Scott - Drew Scott

(Credit: HGTV)

2. Kevin O’Connor, Tom Silva, Richard Tretheway, Roger Cook – The Original Home Improvement Celebrities

Ask This Old House (PBS)

A fun spin on a classic, Ask This Old House lets viewers ask the charming hosts questions about more manageable home improvement projects. Why we love them? Their humor! They do a great segment poking fun at themselves where they try to guess what unusual-looking power tools do.

Norm Abram - Eric Thorkilsen

(Credit: Webb Chappell)

3. Nicole Curtis

Rehab Addict (HGTV)

Nicole Curtis speaks to us—in a way we’re all addicted to rehabilitating our homes. We love that she stays true to a home’s roots by keeping as much of the original architecture as she can and preserving the spirit of the house. Sometimes we can get so focused on the new, and Nicole reminds us what’s charming about the old. We also love that she reps her hometown Detroit whenever she can.

Nicole Curtis - Rehab Addict

(Credit: HGTV)

4. Anitra Mecadon

Mega Dens (DIY Network)

Anitra Mecadon brings a fresh inspiration on a room that can get a little one noted: the family room. We love how Anitra is inspired by a family’s lifestyle and relationship, and she inspires us to think outside the norm with our own dens.

Anitra Mecadon

(Credit: DIY Network)

5. Carriann Johnson

Bang for Your Buck (HGTV)

Television audiences were first introduced to the fabulous Carriann Johnson on HGTV’s “My First Place” and “Bang for Your Buck.” Always upbeat and with a unique style, we love how she breaks the mold when it comes to interior style and encourages us to leave our comfort zones. Check out the @Home Collection by Carriann Johnson, a window covering collection exclusively found on SelectBlinds.com.

Milwaukee - My First Place

(Credit: Carriann Johnson)

6. John Gidding

Curb Appeal (HGTV)

John Gidding helps us to remember that even though we don’t like to, we do judge a book (and a house) by its cover. Exterior is as important as interior with John, and we love him for reminding us as much. What’s more, John is a “big picture” guy and will sometimes give neighboring homes a touch up. Curb Appeal may no longer be airing, but it will always be on our guilty pleasure list.

John Gidding - Interior Design Services

(Credit: John Gidding)

7. Hilary Farr and David Visentin

Love It or List It (HGTV)

Speaking of guilty pleasures, Hilary and David combine three things we secretly love: remodels, house shopping and drama. Lots of drama. They make no effort to hide the trials and tribulations of debating (and in their case doing) renovating and buying. We love that it’s so relatable and that we see couples going through the same struggles we might. So thank you, Hilary and David, for keeping it real!

David Visentin - Hilary Farr (Credit: HGTV)[/caption]

8. Casey Noble

Design on a Dime (HGTV)

Sometimes we watch home improvement shows to help us imagine a dream home that stays right there: in our dreams. But, Casey Noble helps us to see it can be real! She takes our lofty goals and visions and shows us affordable ways to make them come true. Who doesn’t love a crafty woman?

Sofa bed - Chair

(Credit: Casey Noble)

9. Matt Blashaw

Yard Crashers (DIY Network)

We all love gardening, but re-landscaping? Count us out unless this guy is in. Somehow he makes the daunting task look less overwhelming. We have to admire Matt Blashaw for taking on some of the worst kept yards we’ve seen and turning them into something beautiful. And, in just two days!

Brass instrument - Brass

(Credit: DIY Network)

10. Matt Muenster

Bath Crashers (DIY Network)

We have to hand it to the man. Matt Muenster takes a room that just serves an important function in most homes and makes it into something beautiful you want to spend time in! We love the element of surprise he brings by shocking couples as they’re shopping for home improvement supplies. Matt can surprise us any day!

Matt Muenster - Yard Crashers

(Credit: DIY Network)

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