The bathroom serves as a place of function as well as relaxation, and even the smallest efforts can transform this space. But what if you could create the bathroom of your dreams? From a shower that pours down like rainfall to a bathtub build from a boulder – what remodels would you make to your bathroom if the sky was the limit?

Top 10 Pinned Creative Bathrooms on Pinterest


Our team worked their data mining magic, and based on our analysis, here are the top 10 most pinned creative bathrooms on Pinterest.

1. Multiple Shower Head System

Multiple Shower Head System


2. Luxury Rainfall Shower

Luxury Rainfall Shower


3. Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower Head


4. Bathe By Fireside

Bathe By Fireside


5. Rock-Star Bathtub

Rockstar Bathtub


6. Oceanic Shower

Oceanic Shower


7. Open Shower

Open Shower


8. Salvaged Shower

Salvaged Shower


9. White Rapids Sink

White Rapids Sink

10. Rustic Sink

Rustic Sink


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