Paint is a marvelous tool that can be used to play up the unique aspects of your home to make it feel bigger. With a fresh coat or two, you can create and recreate your space just the way you like it – and switch it up as you change your mind or want a refresh. If your budget is as tight as some of the rooms in your home, consider these wallet-friendly ways to give your space a subtle boost or significant make over.


Lighten Up

Light colors like white, cream, pastels, or “cool” shades (with undertones of blue or green) reflect light. Use white on trim or paint the trim a color that is similar to the light wall color; it will keep your eye moving and won’t break up the space visually as it would with a contrasting paint color. If you’re set on a darker color for the walls, paint the trim white or a light color. With this, the walls will appear to recede from the light color of the trim. 


White leather upholstered bedroom suite in a modern white bedroo



Go Monochromatic

Paint walls, trim and detail in different shades of one color – for example, white, off-white and beige. Or try bright white walls with pale gray on detailing and trim. Take it a step further, if you wish, and pair the walls with matching, monochromatic furniture and accessories.

Pro Tip: If you go the monochromatic route, think about adding beadboard or glazing, for example, over the paint to give some texture to the walls for warmth and depth.


Bedroom Interior Rendering


Don’t forget your floor: Another option is to select a wall color that is in the same color family as your flooring; this technique makes the edge where your wall and floor meet less noticeable.



Painting stripes of alternating color can make a statement. Vertical stripes draw the eye upward, horizontal stripes draw your gaze around the perimeter of the room so the walls seem further away. Want to make your room seem even larger? Paint those stripes in similar, light colors. 


Rustic decor in a modern living room with a wood wall with yello


Add Height

If you don’t like the look of stripes, paint the wall color up onto the ceiling: consider a border of wall color 6-12 inches wide around the perimeter of the ceiling.


Bright Turquoise Room With Desk And Chair

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