Treehouses – every kid wants one and every adult secretly wishes they hadn’t outgrown theirs. The treehouses of today have taken on a world of their own ranging from the simple styles with platforms and branch ladders from our youth, to more resort-like canopy escapes of today. No matter where your leafy dreams lay, here are seven of our favorite designs for treehouses to help inspire you and your family to get out there and play.

1. Keep It Basic

Treehouses don’t have to be super elaborate. At it’s most basic qualification, it’s a tree-based getaway. You can create yours as a simple house-like structure, or one with a minimal, elevated platform.

Tree house - House

2. Build a Bridge

Have two trees next together? Build a platform between the two for an extra-fun, extra-long treehouse with more than enough room for all of your kids and their friends.

Tree house - STX US50 RC.15P.RV NR EO

3. Top a Stump

If you have tree that was recently shortened, don’t worry, you can still make a treehouse out of it. Build a fun little cottage on top of the stump for the same effect as a treehouse, but without the meddling branches. To decorate it, you can plant a climbing vine in and around the house for a beautiful floral drape, or for added fun, attach a slide since the elevation isn’t too high.

Tree house - Design

4. Use Elevation Changes

If your home sits on land that changes in elevation, use it to your advantage. Though not a traditional treehouse, the nets, fire poles, swing sets etc that you can install make up for the lack of a trunk.

Tree house - House

5. Two-Story Ground Level

Afraid of heights? Give your kids the similar experience of being up in a tree by building the house around the tree instead of in it. Then, you can add a second story for that high-up feeling, and with the house on ground-level, your kids will still feel safely grounded.

Backyard - Tree

6. Explore New Shapes

Just because it’s called a treehouse doesn’t mean it has to look exactly like a house. Explore cool shapes or fun designs. Whether it’s abstract, round or triangular –  it’s your kids’ (or yours!) escape.

Tree house - Architecture

7. Climb Indoors

Whether you have allergies or your location’s weather makes an outdoor treehouse inaccessible most of the year, consider building a faux treehouse indoors. Elevate the abode, add slides or rock walls the same as you would an outdoor house, and paint the walls to look like leaves.

Tree house - Tree

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