Sometimes, children seem to be in a hurry to grow up—and in the blink of an eye it seems, your little bundle of joy has morphed into a teen, and they’ve outgrown their rooms quicker than you might realize. Still, while your teen may resemble more of a young adult on the outside, they’re still growing up, and need a space they can grow into, yet still be playful, while reflecting that they are indeed coming into their own.


Teen Bedroom


These trends will give them “room to grow.”

1. Big Beds

For many years, twin size has been the go-to size for beds for your teen. But if space allows, consider upgrading to a double or queen: A bonus is that it can double as a guest room.

2. Contemporary Lines and Style

Sleek lines in furniture pieces give a timelessness to a room, and mix well with antique and thrift pieces. They also will transition well into the next phase of college and adulthood.

3. Hangout Spots

Bean bags and window seats are cozy places to hang out with friends, read a book or game. Adding storage under the window seat is a bonus for keepsakes from younger years.

4. Neutrals With Pops of Color

Grey, in your choice of tones, works well with boys or girls, and you can accessorize with pops of your kid’s favorite colors in pillows,curtains and bedding. Navy is still popular with boys, and purple with girls, but they may prefer a more intense hue. Customize a wall with a giant poster, mural, or graphic paint lines, like a zig zag pattern or stripes. Or mount a collection on a wall to reflect your kid’s passion.

5. Open Desks

Table style desks allow kids to study with a friend, but also allows your growning teen to avoid banging up their knees.

6. Lots of Storage

Teens especially don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning their rooms, so pre-empt the argument: Give them plenty of bins and easy storage so they can stow stuff out of sight (and you can see the floor). Hooks on the backs of doors and inside closets make it easier to pick up clothes and hang up backpacks than wrestling with hangers. Use a storage ottomansfor a nightstand, or pair them at the end of the bed, or put a storage bench at the end of the bed for a “landing strip” for the day’s gear.


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