A fast and fun way to refresh your kitchen is to update the backsplash. Backsplashes are like accessories for kitchens. They take that blank space between your counter and cabinets and add a flair of personality. It’s how you make your kitchen yours, and you can change it as often as you change your style. Here are nine trends in kitchen backsplashes to ensure your kitchen is as fashion forward as you are.

1. Natural Stone

Natural stone isn’t anything new in kitchens, but it’s becoming increasingly popular as a backsplash. Whether in an affordable tile pattern or easy-to-clean slab, stones like granite, marble and slate pair well with any kitchen. Feel free to mix it up. If you have stone countertops, they don’t have to match.

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2. Copper

Not for the faint of heart, copper is as beautiful as it is difficult to maintain. Copper naturally patinas over time no matter what you do, so it’s perfect for an ever evolving home. Getting ceramic tiles with a thin layer of copper can reduce the cost, but still be prepared for a high maintenance backsplash.

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3. Pebble Tiles

Textured, 3-D and modern, these pebbles are not just affordable, they’re as eclectic as you are. They’re a great way to jazz up an otherwise boring kitchen with their rustic appeal and are easy to install. Be warned, they can be difficult to clean but will make up for it with their appeal.

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4. Wallpaper

Don’t shy away so quickly because this isn’t your grandmother’s wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a huge comeback with modern and fashionable styles, patterns and textures, and manufacturers aren’t leaving the kitchen out. You can easily find easy-to-clean vinyl papers unique to your style.

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5. Stainless Steel

Industrial-chic is a current trend, and stainless steel is the perfect nod to it. It’s dramatic, durable, cleanable and comes in tiles or slabs so you can get whichever look you want.

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6. Wood

For a fresh new look, look to wood. It’s no stranger to kitchen floors and cabinets, so using it as your backsplash brings in a forward-thinking take on the traditional material. It’s extremely interesting as a backsplash with the added benefit of being easy to install, and can be painted any color to accent your kitchen.

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7. Chalkboard

Have a big family, resident artist or just love a dual-purpose item? Chalkboard backsplashes may be for you. Leave messages, illustrate for the seasons, create a gourmet-style menu—chalkboards are fun, casual, practical and affordable. All you need is a pint of chalkboard paint!

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8. Glass

Glass comes in a variety of options, is durable and also the most hygienic options of backsplashes. You can choose just about any pattern, color and installation design there is, or just go with full slabs of glass for a clean, minimalist look.

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9. Go Green

Not the color, but you can go green with an environmentally friendly backsplash without sacrificing style. Sea glass and recycled glass are just two of the options available to you. Beautiful mosaics have been created with bits of broken or leftover tile, and many stone yards have discounted slabs they can’t use for various reasons that would otherwise go to waste.

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