Wallpaper gets a bad rap. Just the very word conjures up images of Grandma’s old parlour where you couldn’t touch anything and it smelled like mothballs.

But really, wallpaper is a fun and exciting way to transform any room because the options are nearly endless! It’s affordable, easy to change and can create effects paint can only dream about, especially now that we can digitally print it.

If you want a detail oriented backdrop for your room, subtle palate or anything in between, it may be time to give wallpaper a second look with these six trends that are hot in 2015.

1. Textured

Textured wallpaper tricks the eye into optical illusions. They create a solid, simple background on which to build your room’s decor, but when you get closer, there is a lot of visual interest. Faux leather, fabrics, stucco – these textures and more can be mimicked to create a subtle detail infinitely more interesting than a plain, matte wall.

Textured Wallpaper

2. Bold Florals

This isn’t the muted wallpaper you’ll find in a doctor’s old office or an outdated living room. These florals are loud and alive! Even when they’re done in ethereal or barely-there textures and colors. We love them in small spaces like powder rooms or as a bold accent wall in a dreamy bedroom. The purpose of a floral is to be bold and show off your personality.

Bold Floral Wallpaper

3. Geometric Prints

Again, don’t think back to the weird prints of the ‘80s. These prints are much more simple, yet intricate at the same time. They use primary shapes in a multitude of layers and colors to add interesting depth and sophistication.

Geometric Wallpaper

4. Simulated Walls

Luxurious accent walls made of rich materials are very popular, and very expensive. Simulated wallpaper is the affordable alternative that is also regret-free (in case the material goes out of style). This is where digital printing comes in handy to achieve looks like an exposed brick wall, driftwood, riveted metal, even wine crates and books.

Brick Wallpaper

5. Mosaics

Love the hand-painted look of intricately designed walls? You can have it with wallpaper at a fraction of the cost. Create that Moroccan mosaic, chevron or trellis pattern you love, in any design you love, in any color or scale.

Mosaic Wallpaper

6. Whimsical

From fairy tales, to Victorian settings and vintage patterns, you can create a whimsical feel with wallpaper. Offset their nod to certain eras with modern furniture or embrace the elegance that once was.

Whimsical Wallpaper


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