The Seattle Home Show is one of the largest consumer home shows in the United States. By attending the event, you get access to an impressive variety of exhibits related to home remodeling and interior design based on the latest trends and technologies.

Besides finding inspiration for the next remodeling or building project, visitors can seek advice from the industry experts and connect with professionals, who are ready to work on their homes.

In 2020, the spring Seattle Home Show will be arranged on 15 – 23 February at the CenturyLink Field Event Center. Let’s talk about getting the most out of the event and enjoying it at the same time.

1. Have a plan

Home shows are highly useful — but only to homeowners who know what they want. Attending one of them is similar to going to a supermarket. If you don’t have a list (at least in your head), you may end up feeling lost or buying what you don’t need.

Identify which products interest you the most and check them out first. Use the list of companies and their locations to help you navigate the event.

Once you grab the obligatory program, you can start exploring. Home shows are an excellent source of inspiration for your home renovation project. You may find something you never knew existed or never thought you may want.

2. Make a list of questions

This is your chance to consult lots of experts, so make a list of questions. Whether you are after price comparisons or information about building a house on a slope, your questions should be clear and to the point. While experts will be happy to give replies, they can’t spend too much time on one client for the fear of missing others.

Meanwhile, you should be ready to answer questions too. Is your house facing north? What type of roof do you have? What’s the square footage? How wide is your front door (for access)? And so on. Bring floor plans or photos of your home if you need advice on the design.

3. Bring a partner

Navigating a home show on your own can be tough. It’s easy to overlook something or make a hasty decision. Bringing someone to offer a fresh opinion and notice details can be helpful.

If you are pressed for time, you can split up and browse the exhibits separately, sharing your experience in the end.  

4. Take notes (and photos)

You are likely to be overwhelmed with information at the Seattle Home Show. While it may seem fresh and memorable while you are browsing, details tend to fade with time. Taking notes doesn’t just help you remember the most important points, it assists with compartmentalizing the information and making decisions.

Attend a couple of presentations offered by the suppliers/vendors to get a deeper understanding of products and services that interest you the most.

Each company participating in the event will offer business cards. Take them. Use the back of a card to jot down key information.  

5. Come back the next day

Spending the entire day at the show can be tough. Consider visiting at least twice. On the first day, you can browse all the necessary exhibits superficially and take notes. On the second (third, fourth) day, you can go further into details. After “sleeping on it”, you may realize that you have new questions to ask the experts.

It’s much more productive to spend two hours at the show on one day and two on the following day than cramming all your experience in four consecutive hours.

6. Explore tactility

One of the best parts about home shows is the opportunity to explore the exhibits closely. Don’t just look at them, touch and feel. Find out how well the faucet turns, how bright the lamp shines or how smoothly the door opens.

7. Compare diligently

A home show is a great opportunity to compare quality and prices. You can even create a comparison table to see what fares the best.

Some companies that demonstrate their services at home shows are ready to give discounts to attendees, who purchase products or sign contracts on the spot. Take full advantage of them (on the second day after having a chance to sleep on it).

8. Value your time

Looking at furniture in room through VR at the Seattle Home Show
Vendor at the Seattle Home Show.

Some exhibitors at the Seattle Home Show go to great lengths driving the sale. Don’t allow them to waste your time with unnecessary chatter. Be firm and clear about getting straight to the point. Tell the vendor that you are pressed for time. It’s not impolite to say that you aren’t interested and shake off the unproductive conversation.

Take a break after an hour of walking around the exhibition. A breath of fresh air can help organize your thoughts.

9. Choose your day and time wisely

Traffic at such shows is usually the heaviest on the first day. Consider coming on a third or fourth day. Meanwhile, the later in the day you come, the fewer chances you have of encountering crowded booths. Leave the show at least 30 minutes before the closing time to avoid traffic in the parking lot or long rideshare wait times.

10. Dress comfortably

A home show is an all-day event. If you have big plans for browsing the exhibits, you have to dress comfortably. Pay special attention to shoes. It’s hard to find inspiration or listen to advice when your shoes are tight or your jacket is too hot.

Bring a backpack to store all the promotional materials and samples. Handbags interfere with your ability to touch and operate exhibits. Make sure you pack a bottle of water. The air in convention centers is usually dry.

We’ll see you there!

Home shows can be extremely valuable to homeowners with a remodeling or building project in mind. With the right approach, you can acquire new ideas, find inspiration, secure excellent deals, and get expert advice. will be exhibiting at the 2020 Seattle Home Show with Stephen Marshall Design — stop by booth #507 and say hello! We’d be happy to show you some of our recent work and discuss ideas for your next project. 

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