Whether you call it a guest bathroom, powder room or washroom (in Canada), this tiny square footage is usually located conveniently near your main living quarters. So you want to give it the best look possible. Updating a half bath can be simple and inexpensive. You may only have to make one or two changes to increase the beauty and usefulness of the room.

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Choose from the following suggestions to upgrade your small bath in a short amount of time:


Install a Skylight:

If your layout permits, a skylight lets natural light filter in during the daytime, especially important if the bath has no windows. When your ceiling space is at a premium, a tubular or smaller skylight works best.


Switch to Elegant Flooring:

Because of the diminutive space and because there’s no chance moisture will damage the floor, you have a wealth of flooring options to choose from. Choose from hardwood, mosaic tile, marble or granite and more.


Change the Sink:

A wall-mounted or corner sink conserves space as does a pedestal sink. Vessel sinks and self-rimming sinks make bold, modern statements. Consider colored enamel sinks or hammered copper instead of the traditional white.


Alter the Door:

A door that swings in towards the room gives a cramped, crowded feel to the space. Swap it out for one that swings out or a sliding pocket door.


Add Storage Space:

If you can install cabinets with dual purposes, even better. For example, one with a recessed mirror gives you storage and a mirror. Or convert a bureau or dresser into a vanity and cut a hole for the sink. Baskets that fit below the sink can give you an entirely different look.


Coordinate the Hardware:

Upgrade the room’s look with new faucets, towel bars, towel rings, bathrobe hooks, soap dishes and even flush levers. Select copper, bronze, brushed nickel, matte black, chrome or white for the most appealing décor.


Go With One or Two Colors:

Taking the minimalist direction with color gives a small space a bigger look. Once you’ve decided on the colors or color theme, you need new towels and some type of art that depicts your choices.


Wallpaper a Wall:

A bold graphic print adds breadth to a small room while stripes give a conventional look. A pop of color on one wall makes the room look light and airy.


Paint Always Works:

Changing the color of the walls and ceiling refreshes and renews any room including a small bath. Some of the best colors updating a half bath include white, yellow, aqua, pale pink and pearl gray.

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