Concrete has been used for millions of years in the construction of everything from residential homes to places of worship to the Roman Pantheon. While concrete has always been the material of choice for the structural foundation of a home, it has recently made its way into the insides of homes, creating a modern and durable alternative to traditional materials like tile, porcelain, and granite. Here are four ways you can incorporate concrete into your home.


No longer seen as just an outdoor flooring material, concrete is making its way into kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms – and for good reasons. Concrete is modern and stylish and in addition to being able to be finished it in a variety of ways, color can also be incorporated into its completed look. And while concrete can stay incredibly cool for arid and dry climates, it can also easily be warmed through radiant heat, so even homes in cooler climates can enjoy its benefits.


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Concrete is seen as a viable alternative for countertops for many of the same reasons as it is for flooring. Concrete countertops can look smooth and stylish and if installed and sealed properly, they will last a lifetime. Much more durable than granite or wood, concrete countertops are less prone to cracking and warping, requiring much less attention and maintenance. Like any household surface, especially one that is going to be cooked on, concrete countertops need to be cleaned regularly with soap and water to keep dirt and bacteria from festering.


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Bathtubs and Sinks

Because concrete can be mixed to achieve a smooth, matte or glossy finish, bathtubs and sinks made out of the material are sleek and luxurious. And since concrete is poured, it can be sculpted into a variety of unique shapes that traditional bathtub and sink materials like ceramic can’t achieve. If appropriately sealed, concrete bathtubs and sinks are easy to maintain. And while they will age with time, the “worn” look can help add to the overall character of the concrete utility.


Contemporary Bathroom With Sunken Bath


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