Did you recently finish a painting project and end up with extra paint leftover? Unsure what to do with it? Don’t throw it out just yet because we have ten ideas for how you can use that paint in fun and inventive ways.

1. Jazz Up Your Walls

You might have enough paint for a full accent wall, or maybe you just want to add a pop of color. Create a brilliant wainscoting, border or painted detail in lieu of an accent wall.

Accent Wall Panel

2. Stencil Something

You can also use a little bit of paint to add a really big (or small) stencil. Paint it on your wall, furniture or other accent decorations.

Bird Stencil Bedroom

3. Dress Up Your Dresser

Is your dresser looking a little dull? Use your leftover paint to give it new life with a new finish.

Yellow Dresser

4. Rejuvenate Old Furniture

Don’t stop at your dresser. You can also make old furniture seem brand new with a coat of paint or just an accent. Paint the legs of a sofa, the handles on a cabinet, or the top of a table. You don’t even have to paint the whole thing to make something feel new.

Painted Cabinet Handles

5. Add an Accent

If you lack enough for an accent wall, you can think smaller surface areas. Frame a window in a bright color or make your door pop with a bold hue. You can also paint your built-ins or free standing bookcases.

Blue Door

6. Art Frames

Restyle your art with a new frame. It only takes a little paint to repaint a frame to up the glamor in your room. Or, paint your own frame directly onto your wall to frame photos, sculptures, decor or anything you want to place in front of it.

Painted Photo Frames

7. Color Pots

Match your potted plants cheery natures by painting the pots that hold them. You can go for a solid color or have fun with a design.

Pink Flower Pots

8. Small Details

Even less than a pint can be reused. Look for small wooden or metal knick knacks you can paint—vintage items, the inside of a cabinet, containers and even your mailbox.

Painted Metal Containers

9. Create Your Own Art

You spent good money on that paint, so why spend more? Use your leftover paint to create your own painting or use for the remainder for an arts and crafts project with the kids. If you have more than one color leftover, have fun creating new ones by mixing them.

Painted Pine Cones

10. Donate It

If you’ve painted to your hearts content and still have leftover paint, instead of following your city’s regulations to throw it out safely, donate it. Many organizations have need for quality paint, so look in your area for an organization.

Paint Donation Box


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