To get the right amount of sleep, you need to spend one–third of each 24 hour day, or eight hours in your bedroom. Yet this room can often be neglected when it comes to decorating because visitors rarely see the bedrooms in your home. Forget about guests for now and personalize the master bedroom into a relaxing, soothing sanctuary by putting your own creative stamp on it. Match the decor to suit your personality.

The following tips will turn your bedroom into a much-needed retreat.

1. Display Your Photos

Pictures of family, friends, pets or just scenes you like belong on your walls and dressing tables. Make a collage of framed photos to hang on a single wall or above the bed. In a kid’s bedroom, a poster of their favorite musical or comic character displayed on one wall might suggest a theme to follow.

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2. Choose a Theme

Whether your premise involves colors, artwork or nature, let it reflect your interests. Other ideas to consider include nautical themes, a country motif, jungle décor or large cat prints. Focusing on a theme also makes decorating easier because you’ve narrowed down your choices considerably. This is the most important task when personalizing a bedroom

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3. Add an Area Rug

A soft, fluffy rug next to your bed warms your toes when you get up in the morning and gives the room a lift, too. You can find these gems in numerous textures, sizes and shapes. Changing the rug to suit your mood or the season instead of installing new carpet makes good economical sense. Treat your feet with high pile, a faux polar bear pelt or sheepskin.

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4. Hang Artwork

Paintings, artistic photos, inspirational quotes or a special quilt all have their place in your sleeping room and these items don’t need to always be relegated to the living room. If you have something you love, don’t be afraid to hang it. You can even use the art as your theme and decorate around it.

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5. Include Scents

Do you have a favorite smell, one that calms you and instantly reminds you of pleasurable activities? It could be coffee, lavender, vanilla or something else. Place your favorite scented candle or a dish of potpourri with that aroma on your bureau, but only one fragrance at a time, please. You don’t want them clashing.

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6. Stick With Soothing Colors

Either choose from a palette of neutral shades and assign the brighter colors to your accessories, or you can have the more bold colors on the walls. Greens and cool shades of blue create a restful haven, while too much red or orange can be stimulating, and not soothing.

Dormitory - Room

7. Put Your Signature on Wall Treatments

Match the drapes, curtains or blinds to your theme and add ambiance to your bedroom. Here again the choices run the gamut from sheer to heavy, most any color or pattern, and from tailored to shimmery.

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8. Keep Furniture to a Minimum

Strive for the minimalist, uncluttered look and you’ll sleep better. A bed, stool, a dresser for each person, a nightstand and chair are really all you need so you can splurge on quality. You might choose solid or reclaimed wood or even wicker furniture.

Floor - Living room

9. Accessorize to Personalize Bedroom

Houseplants, throw pillows, a lamp that represents your theme, the bedspread or duvet.  All reveal your bedroom personality and put your stamp on where you relax at the end of the day.

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