Decorators call gray the little black dress for your home’s interior, the new white, a chameleon and other terms of endearment. No longer is this color associated with a depressing, dowdy look. Gray blends with any style, adds breadth and compliments anything on the color wheel. Use it on the walls as a base or an accent. Bring it into the room with furniture or art. Try these ideas to enrich your décor.

1. Looking to Revamp the Bedroom

Pair charcoal gray with hunter green and black. These rich, bold colors play well together. Assign a supporting role to the black while giving the gray and green center stage.


Gray and Green Bedroom


2. Baby on the Way

You’ve decided to wait until the birth to find out the sex of your newest family member, so paint the nursery a gender-neutral gray. Bring in accents in the color of your choice – yellow and coral exude warmth, while blue and mint lower the temperature a little.


Gray Yellow and Coral Nursery


3. Getting Ready to Sell

Prospective owners want to imagine a house furnished with their own panache so go with a neutral color. Paint the walls with a flat, light gray to hide a multitude of blemishes. Then brush a creamy shade onto the trim for a well-defined look.


Gray Walls


4. Decorate the Man Cave

A deep gray and a vivid red evoke a robust, masculine feel. The same color combo also makes a dramatic impact on the living room.


Gray and Red Man Cave


5. For a Bold Effect

Cover the walls in gray and the ceiling two shades lighter. You’ll add dimension and give the room a snappy, fresh look.


Gray Theater Room


6. Opt for a Lavish Bathroom

Charcoal, slate and silver all articulate luxury and elegance. Infuse the room with tiles, paint, grass cloth or wallpaper in those colors.


Gray Bathroom


7. Makeover the Kitchen

Pewter, blue-gray, slate imply simple and reliable according to color psychology. Pair several shades together for a more complex feel. Use a glossy paint to create a modern look.


Gray Kitchen


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