We’ve gotten a few customer requests to create pre-populated Pre-estimates— something handy if you happened to be writing about home projects and wanted to share your recommended honey-do items.

So we’ve got something for you: We now have a nifty little way to do just that. Say you wanted to share with your readers the labor cost to fix a faucet and paint a room. Just link to https://pro.com as you normally would, along with this format to list your items:


Feel free to substitute the items in the link above to play around on your own!  Here are more technical details if you wanted them:

  1. List your items, separated by commas (no spaces), and replace any spaces between to-do items with a plus sign (+). e.g.:recaulk+windows,dig+moat
  2. Then create the full link by appending what you had just listed above to the end of “https://pro.com?items=”
  3. That’s it— your link should be ready for sharing: https://pro.com?items=recaulk+windows,dig+moat

Ta da!


About the Author:

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