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Best Handyman services in New Almaden, CA

We researched 69 New Almaden Handymen to help source a professional for you. Here are the best rated and reviewed Handyman services in New Almaden.

handymen serve the New Almaden area
have been in business for 3+ years
are highly rated by multiple sources
New Almaden Handymen who aren't Certified but rate highly from multiple sources
One Day Bathtub Refinishing
276 Tradewinds Dr , San Jose, CA 95123
One Day Bathtub Refinishing was started in the year 2009 by Greg Moretti. Our mission is to always provide quality... Read more
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Dearman’s Handyman Service
963 Shauna Ln, Palo Alto, CA 94306
Maintenance and repair are an undeniable part of home ownership. Keeping your home in top shape is financially... Read more
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RG Handyman Service
553 Yurok Cir, San Jose, CA 95123
In 2008 I started RG Handyman Service after the company I worked for went out of business. I specialize in small home... Read more
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BD Home Improvements
PO Box 1333,, Mountain View, CA 94042
There’s a whole world of home projects that need the hand of a more seasoned worker. You need someone who’s highly... Read more
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A California Home Construction
813 Seabury Dr, San Jose, CA 95136
We are located in San Jose, Ca. We are a family owned and operated company offering the highest level of personalized... Read more
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Labor cost of handyman projects in New Almaden

Based on data from thousands of home projects
  • Paint a Room
    144 sqft
    $375 - $400
  • Install Tile
    Porcelain or ceramic on floor - 100 sqft
    $624 - $624
  • Remove Flooring
    100 sqft
    $128 - $154
  • Install Interior Trim
    Baseboard - 50 ft
    $122 - $146
  • Repair Gutters
    Gutter is cracked
    $84 - $110