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Homeowners reviewing construction estimates from general contractors next to architectural drawing

Construction Pricing for Homeowners

Easily compare GC estimates for your next remodeling project

Explore Benchmark Quote

A Benchmark Quote from is a new way to find a trusted general contractor at a fair price. Need estimates for a new home, addition, or remodel? Save time gathering bids and leave the comparison shopping to us.

Our pricing engine makes it easy to get apples-to-apples construction estimates

Share your project vision

Upload your plans, pictures, or project documents. We’ll use them to define the scope and find general contractors that are a good fit for your project.

See the scope and cost

We build out the full scope of work and set a high-level price range, so you can see how much the project will cost and make any changes.

Get easy to compare bids

We simplify the decision-making process by translating each bid into a simple report. See exactly how costs and scope differ between contractors with our side-by-side comparison tools.

Unlock expert pricing insights, starting at just $250 per project

Just need a price range estimate?

We'll help you set a realistic budget. Tell us about your project to get a custom scope of work and price range estimate based on local market data.

Ready to build?

We'll help you compare offers from the right General Contractors. Share your plans to get a custom scope of work, price range estimate, and directly comparable GC bids.

Starting from scratch?

We'll guide you through the entire process. Connect with an architect to build your project vision, get early-stage pricing guidance, then compare detailed estimates from vetted GCs.

What homeowners are saying about Benchmark Quote

open quotation markBenchmark Quote helped tremendously by identifying vetted contractors, getting them to respond to requests for estimates in a way that allowed us to easily compare. They also offered their own estimate, which served as another data point for making a good choice. For us, it was the best way to do due diligence before choosing a contractor.close quotation mark

Becky, Condo Retrofit in San Francisco

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Your Pro Team

On average, our staff boasts over a decade of prior construction industry experience. Here are just a few of the faces you’ll work with on your Benchmark Quote.
Tyler, Customer Success
Customer Success

Tyler is your main point of contact. He works directly with homeowners and architects from start to finish, walking you through your estimates, answering questions, scheduling site visits, and more.

Mark, Estimation

Mark has years of experience estimating construction projects. By combining his knowledge with our pricing engine, ensures that every estimate is reasonably priced and directly comparable.

Rich, Sourcing

Rich manages our general contractor network. He ensures sure we have the right mix of qualified general contractors bidding on your unique project.

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