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New construction

New Home Construction

We build custom homes from start to finish.

We plan and build new construction projects from start to finish, whether you come to us with detailed designs or just an idea and a budget. We work with trusted architects, engineers, and designers to ensure that your project is built with care.

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Local roots, national reach

We're a licensed general contractor with local teams across the greater Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Denver, and Phoenix areas.

New construction FAQ

How much does a new construction project cost? 

There many variables that influence the total cost of your project. On average, our new construction projects range anywhere from $175 to $600+ per square foot. While this estimate is broad, a licensed general contractor can give you a more detailed estimate after examining your space in-person. Our team has quoted thousands of projects, so we have a keen understanding of what might affect the cost of yours.

What affects the cost of my project?

There are many variables and unknowns that will influence the cost of a new construction project. To give you a better sense of the nuances, consider the major phases of a new construction project:

  • Land development
  • Foundation 
  • Framing 
  • Exterior finishes (roof, siding, windows, etc.) 
  • Interior rough-ins (plumbing, electrical)
  • Interior finish costs (drywall, floors, cabinets, etc.)
  • Final grading and landscaping
  • Driveway and deck

Do I need to hire an architect to build a new home?

Yes. An architect is required to build a custom home, but you don't need to hire them on your own. We partner with local firms and independent architects with a strong history of client-centered design. We’ll team up with a professional whose personality, pricing, and style align with yours.

We’re not a traditional design-build firm. Instead, we see ourselves as a collaborative team, championing your project goals. As your architect drafts the plans, we advocate for cost-savings and building efficiency. During construction, they help ensure that the build looks exactly as you intended. The end result is a one-of-a-kind home, built on time and on budget. 

I’ve already hired an architect. Can build my home?

Yes! Many clients come to us with plans in hand. In these cases, we can produce a highly detailed estimate based on the information your architect has provided. We’re also happy to work with your architect and strategize on ways to reduce the project scope for extra cost-savings.