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Glendale kitchen remodel

Glendale Kitchen Remodel

October 1, 2019

Project type

Kitchen remodel


Glendale, Arizona

We renovated this kitchen to make it more functional. The cramped, shaped layout made it difficult for multiple people to be in the kitchen at the same time. We reconfigured the layout into an L-shape to allow others to flow in and out as needed, without having to navigate around each other. 

To make the space bigger, we extended the length of the kitchen and removed the soffits above to raise the ceiling height. We also replaced the dated fluorescent overhead lighting with recessed and pendant lighting. The client chose a beautiful farmhouse apron sink, quartz countertops, and cabinets from PWC Arizona. 

Glendale kitchen remodel corner
Glendale kitchen remodel refrigerator
Glendale kitchen island microwave
Glendale kitchen remodel stove
Glendale kitchen remodel island
Glendale kitchen wine bar
Glendale kitchen remodel apron sink


"The update of their kitchen was an ongoing discussion between the clients, Ron and Joan, for several years. When I first visited with Ron and Joan, they expressed several pain points: the lack of lighting, the low soffits, the dysfunctional layout, and the overall dated look of the space.

After listening and taking detailed notes, I started presenting ideas of what we could do. Joan was a great collaborator. She had already made several decisions related to the color scheme, product selection, and overall feel of the space. After reviewing the pros and cons of each option, we landed on what we felt would be a great direction to move forward with the estimation and planning of their new kitchen. 

From there, I reached out to one of my kitchen designer contacts to help take these ideas and place them onto paper. He was able to take our ideas and create a fun, aesthetically, and functionally pleasing design that the clients would love. I shared the 3D rendering with Ron and Joan, and they loved it! With a little bit of final tweaking, we had designed the kitchen that they had been dreaming of for years. 

There were bumps along the way during construction (there always are), but our team was right there to keep the project on track. It's amazing to see the transformation between the before and after photos!

Overall, this project was a great collaboration between the clients and Pro. We took this project from an initial idea to a finished space that they can enjoy for many years to come!"

- Jason F, Project Consultant


Glendale kitchen before photo
Glendale kitchen before photo
Glendale kitchen before photo

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