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What you get with Pro

Projects you want

We work with you to understand your ideal job profile and travel preferences, so you only receive bid requests for relevant projects.

More time saved

Before you set foot on a jobsite, we send you ample photos and project details so you'll know if the job is a good fit.

Lower overhead

You get to focus on what you do best while our expert project managers handle all the coordination and communication.

Business growth

We favor providers who do the great work at fair prices. By focusing on quality, some of our subcontractors have doubled their business through

On-staff support

You'll work with a dedicated account manager who can answer questions and offer assistance as you bid on new projects.

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What our clients say

open quotation markI have been very happy with the experience – my time with the team has been great, my project manager was phenomenal and always on top of the project, and the finished home is beautiful.close quotation mark

Su, Mercer Island

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Subcontracting FAQ

What kind of work does offer?

We are a full-service general contractor with continuous projects throughout the year. We can provide as much work as you’d like, depending on your availability.

What’s required to subcontract with

To become a subcontractor, please submit your contact information through the form on this page. We will reach out to you promptly to verify your information, begin a background check, validate your insurance, and share our subcontractor agreement. Upon completion, you will be eligible to receive project requests.

What if I have limited service areas?

If you have specific areas of coverage for your business, we will account for these restrictions and be sure to provide projects within your service area.

How do I find projects?

Once onboard, we will send you requests for proposals (RFPs) based on your trades and our upcoming projects. The proposal will contain the scope of work, project plans, photos of the site, material requirements, and all the details needed to complete the task.

What should I expect on my first project with

Upon nomination of a project, you will receive a work order and partner with the Project manager assigned to the project. Project managers will be your resource to help answer questions, oversee the project, and meet customer expectations.

How do I get paid?

When the job is complete, send an invoice to and CC your project manager. Please make sure to include your work order number on the invoice.

Can you provide me with enough work throughout the year?

Based on your preferences, we will continue to send requests for future projects. You can choose to price this work or pass on the project. Passing on a project for any reason will not affect future requests for proposals.

What types of projects should I expect?

Our projects range from custom new homes to room remodels, plus some commercial tenant improvement work. As one of the fastest-growing residential GCs in the country, we strive to deliver a best-in-class service that improves the lives of our customers and providers alike.

What type of safety and cleanliness guidelines should I expect?

Each day you will be responsible for cleaning the job site and following all safety guidelines, as described in our subcontractor agreement.