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Best Painting services in Fall City, WA

We researched 13 Fall City Painters to help source a professional for you. Here are the best rated and reviewed Painting services in Fall City.

painters serve the Fall City area
have been in business for 3+ years
are highly rated by multiple sources
are Certified or Pending
Certified Pros are verified to have excellent quality & service and hold all required license, bonding, and insurance according to local laws.
Away with White
Cindy Amos
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Fall City Painters who aren't Certified but rate highly from multiple sources
Hara Construction
1715 S Forest St, Seattle, WA 98144
Hara Construction is a full service residential contractor specializing in kitchen, bathroom, and basement... Read more
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Seattle Eco Painting
2416 S 128th St, Seattle, WA 98126
Having served the Seattle metropolitan area since 2003, our clients frequently act as our best sales people by... Read more
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Labor cost of painting projects in Fall City

Based on data from thousands of home projects
  • Paint a Room
    144 sqft
    $361 - $385
  • Paint House Exterior
    Walls in good condition - 2200 sqft
    $3650 - $4180
  • Paint Baseboard Trim
    48 ft
    $139 - $175
  • Pressure Wash Exterior Surface
    Wood deck - 100 sqft
    $70 - $75
  • Paint House Interior
    Entire home interior - 2000
    $2520 - $3380

How to hire a painter in Washington state

  1. Verify their license and insurance at the Washington State Department’s website. Painters in Washington require a specialty contractor license to operate.

  2. Check online for “verified reviews” which a third party can confirm are from real customers.

  3. Thorough prep work is key to making a paint job last. Ask for customer references from 3-5 years back so you can verify the quality.