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Best Carpentry services in Olympia, WA

We researched 27 Olympia Carpenters to help source a professional for you. Here are the best rated and reviewed Carpentry services in Olympia.

carpenters serve the Olympia area
have been in business for 3+ years
are highly rated by multiple sources
are Certified or Pending
Certified Pros are verified to have excellent quality & service and hold all required license, bonding, and insurance according to local laws.
Vincent Bailey
FEATURED REVIEWSee 0 Verified Reviews
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Deck Builders Inc
Kim Katwijk
Licensed, bonded, and insured
Verifying at least 5 highly positive reviews
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Olympia Carpenters who aren't Certified but rate highly from multiple sources
SE Construction, LLC
409 5th St NW253, Puyallup, WA 98371
SE Construction, established in 2000, specializes in residential and commercial remodeling and additions. At SE... Read more
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Labor cost of carpentry projects in Olympia

Based on data from thousands of home projects
  • Build Deck or Porch Stairs
    6 ft
    $382 - $460
  • Install or Replace Window
    Vinyl window
    $259 - $295
  • Build Deck or Porch Railing
    8 ft
    $199 - $235
  • Install or Replace Front Door
    $409 - $505
  • Build Stained Deck or Porch
    100 sqft
    $1100 - $1220

Considerations when hiring a carpenter in Washington State

  1. Verify their license, bonding, and insurance at the Washington State Department’s website. Carpenters in Washington State require a contractor license to operate.

  2. Check online for “verified reviews” which a third party can confirm are from real customers.

  3. For larger jobs, schedule a consultation with a quality carpenter contractor to explore your needs and get a complete costing estimate including any permitting costs.

  4. Carpentry projects vary widely in scope and finish (from rough framing to cabinetry). Select a carpenter who is skilled in your desired project type.

What carpenters do

  1. Carpentry projects can be divided into two categories; finished carpentry and rough carpentry.

  2. A finish carpenter typically specializes in interior work such as cabinets, countertop frames, cases, sashes, doors (including hardware), trim, millwork, nonbearing partitions, closets, and built in cabinetry.

  3. A rough carpenter typically specializes in exterior or large scale work including framing, subflooring, siding, decks, exterior staircases, exterior doors and railings, trim, fascia, roof decking, truss members and rafters, and sheathing.