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Let's Demystify Construction Costs

We collect, compare, and interpret multiple bids from trusted general contractors for you

We believe home improvement should be easier for everyone

Benchmark Quote offers everything you need to accurately price any home construction project.

Homeowners review construction pricing

For Homeowners

Learn how much your project costs, then choose the right contractor to complete the project. 

Architect reviews construction pricing

For Architects & Designers

Get a standardized scope of work for your project, a benchmark price range, and apples-to-apples bid comparison tools.

Contractor bids on a construction project

For General Contractors 

Grow your business as you bid on a clearly defined scope of work for construction-ready projects. Home Construction general construction business
Hire our construction team to build your project. Learn more about our full-service remodeling in Seattle, Denver, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn More